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Avoid The Dangerous Risks Of Contracting Food Poisoning

13/02/2017 // by admin

Grinding meat at your own home rather than buying it is not only cheaper, but safer as it turns out. It makes a lot of sense that there would be some sanitary concerns when it comes to large distributing retailers, but you just have no idea how doing simple things can prevent terrible ones from happening. Although you might enjoy paying to get all of the effort out of the way and just get the finished product, you might not even get to know exactly how much of a risk you have been exposed to. Some of the meat that is being offered to customers has often stood around and open until it is gone stale, not to mention the equipment the grinding is being done on.

You will certainly do yourself a favor

Of course, this doesn’t go for every single place in the world, but knowing that such a risk exists is surely going to make you think twice before buying ground meat just about anywhere. So, you might choose to get yourself a meat grinder and start doing the work from home. Surely enough, this is a perfectly valid thing to choose, but you have to keep in mind that unless you do everything carefully, you might expose yourself to higher risk you have created by not following the steps towards doing this safely.

Freeze everything you won’t grind straight away

Before you can get to the actual grinding, you need to start Prepping Meat for the grinder. If you don’t grind it as soon as you buy it, and if you are going to let it sit for a while, be sure to freeze it well. It spoils really quickly and bacteria can start forming all over it if you leave it out in a warm environment for too long. There are even log regulations in some states, which demands that all meat is frozen to a certain temperature, simply to prevent the growth of bacteria and to prevent spoilage for as long as possible. If you notice that the meat you are going to grind has an odd smell or look, you may want to throw it away.

Don’t forget to clean

The grinder you use, regardless of the model and type, should always be cleaned out thoroughly after each use. If you fail to do that, the future portions you choose to grind might get mixed with the previous raw leftovers that may have spoiled between the two grinding session and cause severe cases of food poisoning. To avoid this risk, always be sure to wash out all of the extensions and parts of the grinder under warm water and a strong cleaning solution.

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