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How to Handle Your Competition at the Gym (& Win!)

04/03/2019 // by admin

How to Handle Your Competition at the Gym

Competing for the title of Mr. Fitness this year?

Well, that’s good. It gives you the motivation to be as fit as you can be. Together with the other candidates, you’ll be giving importance to your physical fitness.

And to win, you need to bring you’re A game and be willing to unleash your competitive personality.

Competitiveness is a great thing for both parties if you play your cards right. Sure, competing with someone can bring out a feisty side in you. But if you tame that feisty side properly, you can use it to help bring out the best in you.

Here’s what you need to do.

Know Your Competitor

First of all, find out who you’re up against – and how many they are. Being in a competition with people you don’t know can cause you to behave unpredictably.

And what you want is contrary to that. What you want is to behave like a champion.

Being in the presence of random people can be overwhelming. How do you expect to beat them if you’re caught off guard?

For all you know, you’re up against the title holder of Mr. Fitness at another gym.

If so, it’s possible that you’ll end up feeling intimidated during the actual competition.

Indeed, randomness spices things up. And it’s what you want to make the event exciting.

But if you don’t think randomness can play out well for you, knowing your competition beforehand will help.

The Competition: Research, Research, Research

Do your due diligence about the competition. Find out more about what winning Mr. Fitness at your gym really means.

Go online, talk to relevant people, and read about what you’re really getting into. Simply signing up to join an event is careless and going into a competition blind isn’t a wise idea. If you want to win, you should take matters seriously.

Some questions you need to ask yourself are as follows:

What are the prizes? Where is the venue? How many winners will there be?

If there are relevant discussions, real deals, and mini-events, be in on them all, too!

Final Thoughts

On top of it all, remember to have fun. While your ultimate goal is to win, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t enjoy the moment.

Remember to do your best to win but as you do it, do your best to be on your competitors’ good side, too. Don’t play nasty or make it obvious that you can easily outsmart them.

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