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Involve Your Wife While Making Decisions

22/10/2017 // by admin

Involve Your Wife While Making Decisions

Maintaining a marriage takes a lot of sacrifices, and sometimes there are commotions out of non-issues. Failure to consult your partner on some issues can breed problems or even discomfort in your home. The funny thing is that some of these things that cause disagreements are small, but their impacts are very huge. The biggest contributor towards marital problems is the failure of communication or miscommunication in some instances. As a man, you should be able to understand the girl language for your marriage to work. You have to understand that women’s priorities are totally different from men. The following are crucial areas that you should involve your wife while making decisions.


You cannot just invest in real estate without involving your better half. When you married her, you took the oath to let her know everything that pertains to her. Even though some men argue that surprises are good, sometimes it may fail to work out. She may start losing trust in you when she notes that you no longer involve her in such decisions. You can buy her the car of her dreams, but investing requires joint decision-making. You can even open a joint account and invest together whenever chances open up.

Kids’ education

Even though you are the head of the family, your kids’ welfare and future depends on your wife’s contribution as well. You do not have to dictate where your kids will school without involving their mother. Take time to analyze the various schools in your neighborhood and take policies that will support that education. Make joint counseling sessions and guide your kids together as they make career choices. Let your kids know that they have a family that they can depend on even when they are at their lowest.

Kitchen appliances

As a man, there are higher chances that your wife will require the kitchen more than you do. Women are the ones who prepare meals most of the time, and they thus require appliances that suit their tastes and preferences. You may think that you know what your wife requires but end up buying an appliance that is useless. You should buy the right appliances and let your family enjoy the best dishes. Most families bake their own bread in the morning which saves them from the hustle of shopping. You can bake custom loaves and let your family enjoy a good breakfast every day.

Furniture, fixtures, and fittings in your house

Men are very poor with colors, and you might choose colors that crash with everything within your house. Furnishing a house is somehow expensive, and you should thus ensure that you involve your wife when you for shopping. Women know best what blends with wooden floors, tiles or even the color of your ceiling. You do not to buy some expensive furniture only for them to look awkward in your sitting room.

Involving your spouse on the above instances is likely to prevent some disagreements in your home. Leave personal decision-making to things like supporting sports and the friends you hang out with.

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