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Signs That Your Car’s Brakes Need Checking

04/01/2018 // by admin

Signs That Your Cars Brakes Need Checking

Brakes are an integral part of your car. But, that’s beside the point. Do you know how to tell that it’s time to have your brakes checked? What follows is a rundown of warning signs that there’s a problem with your brakes.

Squealing Noise

This is perhaps the most common sign of worn out brake pads. When your brakes squeal or produce a grinding noise whenever you step on the pedal, it is an indication that you need to replace or adjust them. Be wary of grinding noise as it warning that you brakes might fail soon if you don’t replace the worn out pads.

Brake Warning Lights

When the ABS warning light on your car’s dashboard illuminates, it shows your brake fluid is running low. Check the master cylinder and add fluid to the required level. It is essential to note that low fluid is an indication that there’s a leak in your brake lines.

While adding fluid may correct the situation, consider visiting a vehicle service and maintenance company to have the brake lines checked. Speaking of which, if live in Chelmsford, Essex area and own a BMW, BMW Mini, Mercedes- Porsche, Benz, or a Volkswagen Audi and live, PMW Ltd is your to-go-to brakes specialist. Be sure to go to website for more information on their services and charges.


Your car will pull to one side when the brakes are maladjusted. It may also pull in case of a brake fluid leakage or worn out pads. The best remedy to correct pulling is to replace your brake pads. Other than that, have your vehicle checked for fluid leakage.

Pedal Problems

You brakes pedals will feel spongy or hard to press down when the air has gotten into the brake lines. Pedal problems could also be an indication of low brake fluid. Again, check your master cylinder and brake line to see if there’s any leakage.


The last sign that your brakes need checking is vibrations of the steering wheel every time step on the pedals. The entire car may shake as well. When this happens, it means that there’s a problem with your brake rotors. In most cases, you need to replace your warped rotors.

The Bottom Line

Ensure that your brakes are in the best possible form at all times. Working brakes can go a long way in preventing accidents and by extension keeping your safe on the road. Check your brakes at least twice every year.

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