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Things you need to know about Dentures

13/12/2016 // by admin

For those who have some of their teeth missing, replacing with artificial one if the best thing to do. But you can’t make that decision without the assistance of your dentist.

Most dentists will suggest dentures or dental implants but the type your dentist will choose for you will be determined by your condition, budget, and your dental history.

Here are some things you should know about dentures

Detachable artificial teeth

Dentures are quite different from dental implants in such that it doesn’t offer much stability and strength, therefore, bringing limitation to what you can eat. It should be done by experts to avoid any complications and you can get more information on how it works by visiting Apollonia Dental for experts’ advice and guidelines.

This is can be detached i.e they are removable teeth. It helps to fill the space and gives you the confidence to smile in public. They can look very real like your other teeth but they aren’t strong enough to do what other teeth can do.

Clean your dentures

Cleaning your teeth with the use of a good toothbrush, toothpaste and techniques will help to keep your teeth in good condition. You must always clean your dentures with care as it is different from your original teeth.

Cleaning your denture teeth is different from the way you clean your real teeth. You have to remove the dentures and clean with the recommended toothpaste from your dentist and thereafter soak in a denture cleaner and rinse with water before fixing it back to your mouth.

Remove you dentures at night

You must not sleep with your dentures in your mouth at nights as this can cause more harm to your gum and sometimes it might be so painful than you can imagine.

Always remove before sleeping at night and immerse it in the dentures cleaner so as to keep it in good condition and avoid cracks. This is the healthy way to keep your denture and your enamel safe.

Denture discoloration

Just like real teeth, dentures can become discolored due to the compound called tannins found in drinks like wine, coffee, and tea.

If you take any of these drinks regularly it is advisable that you always clean your dentures so that you will prevent it from becoming yellow or brown.

You should visit your dentist for check-ups

You should always visit your dentist regularly for checkups so as to have a good knowledge of your denture condition if it is still in good state or there is need to get a new one.

You should not hesitate to visit your dentist if you notice any changes or you feel any sensation of pain in your mouth relating to your dentures.


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