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Using the Carbide Drill Bit for Drilling into Concrete: Considerations and Tips

10/02/2017 // by admin

You have several options when it comes to selecting the right drill bit for a drilling job. The effectiveness of the drill bit depends a lot on the material you need to drill. One of the materials you will come across regularly is concrete. Concrete is made of a mixture of stone, sand, and gravel, making it a tough material to penetrate. You, therefore, need a drill bit that can hold up to such a material.

The Ideal Drill Bit for Concrete

To penetrate the concrete, you need a drill bit made of tungsten carbide and steel. Steel is used to make the body while the tip is made of tungsten carbide. Carbide makes the tip strong enough to penetrate concrete without wear and tear. You can get these and many other drill bits on drillbitbest.com.

You mount the drill bit on a hammer drill for use. This type of drill is a major part of production, manufacturing and construction industries. You can also use the drill bit to create holes for holding concrete screws around the home. These screws act as the perfect fasteners for attaching objects to concrete surfaces. The carbide tip is ideal because you can use the bit severally without the need to resharpen.

The Size

You can get a drill bit size ranging from 5 mm to 40 mm in diameter, and up to 39 inches in length. The size selection depends on the type of job you plan to use the drill bit for.

Tips for Drilling Concrete

As you drill, the bit generates heat as it rotates, which can spoil the chuck of the drill. Make sure you have water nearby when drilling through concrete to stop the bit from heating up.

You need to drill through concrete in one smooth motion. Avoid the technique of thumping the drill up and down to force it through as this spoils the chuck on the drill. Well, it might take you longer than you want to follow the right procedure, but this is the best way to do it. Also make sure to pull out the drill from the wall regularly to remove the dust and keep the drill flutes clear.

Final Thoughts

Getting the right drill bit is just the first step towards a perfect drilling operation. You need to know the material you are drilling through and learn the perfect technique to do so. Don’t forget the lubricant, because it will make your drill bit last longer.

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